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100 Feet-just a breath away (2008)

100 Feet-just a breath away (2008)

by 04/08/2014
The "100 Feet" tells the dramatic story of a woman who tormented in their own House by the ghost of slain by the same guy.

Eric Red


Sarah Black, Ed Elbert, Jonathan Sanger


Eric Red


Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale, Ed Westwick, Michael Paré


John Frizzell

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Grand Illusions Entertainment, Film Visions Funding, New Deal Studios, Blue Rider Pictures, 100 Feet Productions, Laurinfilm


1 Hour and 36 Minutes (96 Min)






Till Death Do Us Part Wasn't Enough.
Her Husband's Dead, And He's Taking the News Badly...
Accused of Killing Her Husband, Confined To The Home He Now Haunts.






Some movies are held upright by performance of the central protagonist something like one-man show. In ' 100 Feet ' actually talking about one-woman show with attractive Dutch Famke Janssen who we enjoy among other things in the "X-Men" as Jean Grey to lift on the backs of almost all the footage. Now the charismatic actor impersonates the Marnie syzygoktono that comes out of prison and returned to house arrest at House of crime where she lived with the COP husband. The Marnie was driven to murder to defend herself because her husband used to thrash wildly. Aside from the incarcerated at home is bound to be wearing an ankle transmitter that allows it to move only within a 100 foot radius unable to get out of her house. Any move outside the threshold alert the police and of course the protagonist would not want anything to returning to prison.

The suffocating restriction will be the least important problem for Marnie after the restless ghost of deceased husband says not to let her into silence by turning the stay real nightmare threatening even its physical integrity.

Horror Trivia

To 100 ' Feet ' filmed in Brooklyn, New York and in Budapest of Hungary (the shots within the House) with a budget of about 10,000,000 USD.

Ok, we don't have anything original here. Another ghost story that at first reading seems to be one of the most predictable and flat after the ghost's identity is known. Nevertheless the solid direction of experienced Eric Red in collaboration with Janssen's dynamic interpretation make the typical horror film this relatively pleasant and nice and not another sex tape that exploits the fashion of poltergeist. This is a movie with intensity, hustle, pace and claustrophobic atmosphere. Again, however, it appears that many are missing. No script required depth and effects of the Ghost is mildly objectionable. The cliches of horror literature as cats and mice suddenly stepping are present and generally do not encounter surprises except for the creepy beating a young lover of Marnie from the ghost of her husband who leaves us with his mouth open with ferocity. Addressing the ghost of the heroine and the finale prefer easy solutions klisarismenes and anempneysto passing a message against marriage …

100 Feet

Movie Highlights

  • The scene in which the ghost of her husband descending the ladder menacingly approaching startled Marnie.
  • The eksfendonismos dishwasher that accepts the protagonist.
  • The incredibly violent beating to death her lover who's Marnie. Very violent scene, wants strong stomach to handle.


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Dynamic and determined direction, serious interpretation of the hopelessly alone but heroic protagonist, claustrophobic atmosphere, frequent tromares and a few moments of genuine shock.


The unacceptable effects on the form of the ghost of her late husband, the existence of many cliches and predictable nature of the film.

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Nice horror movie to see together the Saturday nights but up there. Earnest effort from cast and credits but without some spectacular results.

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