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Here you will find reviews of horror films from the editorial team of our website and all those who cooperate with the horrormovies.gr. Horror films and thrillers of various categories and references are described, evaluated and graded by the authors while listed and detailed elements of each film. Also given the possibility and the reader to evaluate the film by presenting the score. Remember that for your convenience, you can search for movie reviews by selecting alphabetical classification, date, score, decade, genre or theme. Is of course at your disposal and the search function to find the horror movie review of your choice. Read the review you wish by clicking on the title or photo of the film.

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The Last Showing (2014)

To tell the truth my own did not expect much from this movie. Despite the ingenious hypothesis “smelled” the fiasco of kilometers. You see … the aging Robert Englund with participation in many moderate horror movies of modern times and the horror movie of Great Britain in recent years not to evoke something good. The confirmation came after monitoring «The Last Showing» which leaves bittersweet taste.

The [...]

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Abattoir (2016)

From the Director and screenwriter of "Saw II" and Director of "Saw III" and "Saw IV" Darren Lynn Bousman comes this peculiar horror film in the old-fashioned style that sends us back to the 40s and 50s.

The "Abattoir" or "Slaughterhouse" as we know in our country is based on a comic book series and focuses on a journalist active in the field of real estate. After the brutal murder [...]

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La Isla Minima-small island (2014)

When I recently saw this particular film, I thought immediately that I had to write the review without delay. While we all know the constant rise of Spanish cinema, with films at more starring star Belen Rueda, and others that has put the finishing touches, the notorious Guillermo Del Toro, the viewing of this work, made me forget momentarily, the fantastical element that there is plenty of other movies and get my hat in a meaningful and [...]

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Train To Busan (2016)

We live in an age that kind of action-movie zombie mesoyranei and looks that will do it for a long time yet. One of the reasons of this boom is certainly the movement of many quality jobs in this area from not only the US but several countries. Asia, of course, could not stay out of the big party with producing countries like South Korea to leave their mark dynamically with film as very good Train To Busan.

Although it follows the [...]

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La Cara Oculta (2011)

The truth is that I am not very well versed enough in Spanish films, but what happens to fall into my hands with no leaves, more often than not, no matter.

On the other hand, my weakness is the claustrophobic films, the ones that make you feel a lump in the throat, as if to stifle and not being able to breathe or to want to escape from somewhere and not have the ability …

So, after watching this creature from Spain, I [...]

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