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Comes the new Zombie Thriller Party in 2015

Comes the new Zombie Thriller Party in 2015

by horrormovies.gr18/11/2014

The horror events is not only a phenomenon abroad but now also in our country. Those who enjoy well at such events would you be interested to experience one of the most famous and successful events that take place in Athens in recent years. This is the Thriller Zombie Party which will be held on Saturday February 21, 2015 at the Foundry Theatre located at Iera Odos, # 44 (Metro Keramikos). The start time is 20:30.

Transfer a quote to the event from the official Web site:

Revamped, scares for the third consecutive year, on Saturday 21 February at the Foundry Theatre. The Thriller Zombie Party is the largest (by 2010) until today thematic evening for the zombies in Athens, that many, with trick or treat playfulness and love of pop culture, unites fans of horror films, series and cosplay into a new, annual "Monster Dance".

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