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New Visual material from the Demonic and Insidious: Chapter 3

New Visual material from the Demonic and Insidious: Chapter 3

by horrormovies.gr07/01/2015

2015 is expected to be a very interesting year for supernatural terror after this will be releasing two – inter alia – polydiafimismenes horror movies in the production of which involved the creator of ' Insidious ' and ' The Conjuring ', James Wan. So after ' The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death "(circulating within the month in our country) which opens the year, two other high-profile horror metaphysical movies are going to make their appearance. It comes naturally to the "Insidious: Chapter 3" and "Demonic". The first is expected in the coming summer and the second on a unspecified date in 2015.
These days the makers of both films gave published visual material from the two movies feeling the intensifying impatience of spectators. So we have about "Insidious: Chapter 3" a new photo through the flow of the movie showing a frightening anthropomorphic figure behind the franchise's friends dear Lin Shaye and Demonic have the first official trailer! The first impression we get is that none of the two films don't seem to stray much (or at all) from the familiar (and safe) supernatural paths. The trailer of the Demonic for example shows us many trivial jump scares we've seen and seen in horror movies in malevolent spirits.
To be honest we don't expect something very different from these rates. Hopefully just be and at least two good films and beyond anything more positive spirit will be welcome!

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