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Posters, trailer and release date of "Wolf Creek 2»

Posters, trailer and release date of "Wolf Creek 2»

by horrormovies.gr06/11/2013

Few months remaining before the release of the sequel of "Wolf Creek" of 2005. The film has already played at the Venice Film Festival in August that we passed, is expected to be released in the country of Australia on 20 February of 2014.

Director of "Wolf Creek 2 ' will be again the Greg McLean, creator and first film while the script he has written together with Aaron Sterns. Would stars John Jarratt (the serial of the first film), Ryan Corr, Ashlyn Shannon and Klaus Philipe.

Already been made public some posters of sequel of which one is accused of "copying" the poster of the remake "Evil Dead" (2013). But better to make yourself the comparison seen posters of "Wolf Creek 2 ' from our site and corresponding poster of" Evil Dead "here:

Also available is the trailer that leaves several promises another good horror film by Greg McLean.


wolf creek 2 poster 2           wolf creek 2 poster 1
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