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The Winona Ryder protagonist in new horror series

The Winona Ryder protagonist in new horror series

by horrormovies.gr24/06/2015

Another on unexpected news popped these days which is of interest to many friends of mainly horror series. The famous actress Winona Ryder, is expected to star in the new television series American horror Netflix network which will be released in 2016.

Although he has not yet notified the title of the series (the original was simply Montauk) know that will consist of 8 episodes of 60 minutes, it contains supernatural elements and places the events in the 1980s. The series described allegorically as "a love letter to the classic works of the 80s who captured a whole generation".

A key theme of the plot will be the disappearance of a two-year boy from Long Island City to Montauk, New York. The boy looking for his family, friends and the police. The research will lead to the fields of metaphysical, in secret government projects while the show would steal a mysterious little girl …

The Winona Ryder will pose as the Joyce, mother of the missing boy who will give great race to save her child from terrifying forces. In the series will be played and David Harbour (State of Affairs, The Newsroom, The Equalizer) as the Chief of police.

The Director and the script of the series belong to Duffer and Matt Ross Duffer, the screenwriters of mystery serial Wayward Pines played this season. Executive producers other than the above will be the Karl Gajdusek, Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. It is worth noting that this will be the first large and regular role of Winona Ryder in a television series. To see how it will go …



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