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The Wes Craven grapples with new horror tv series

The Wes Craven grapples with new horror tv series

by horrormovies.gr22/04/2015

Can the legend of horror Wes Craven scene to said troubled for the new horror Scream series (premiered on 30 June 2015) in which it participates as a producer, but that hasn't stopped his involvement with three other horror tv series prepared by the Universal Cable Productions for the Syfy channel.

the people under the stairsAccording to information by the Deadline, the Craven will work as executive producer on the television metaphor of his own 1991 horror movie "The People Under The Stairs" (People under the stairs). The series would seem to deviate significantly from the movie and was described as "Downton Abbey meets The Amityville Horror."

we are completely al fineThe second important task of Craven in the context of cooperation with the Universal will is directed and scripted the first pilot episode of the series "We Are All Completely Fine" is a metaphor of the omotitlis horror novel of the American writer 2014 Daryl Gregory. The premise of the book involves some problem and dangerous people forming a group psychotherapy under the supervision of a psychiatrist in order to discover what monsters hiding deep inside them and what manifested in plain sight.

Finally, the Craven will work as executive producer on the series Disciples who is transfer of the annual comic Steve Niles. The series is described as a peculiar blend of horror, thriller and science fiction in particular after the very wealthy will have founded colonies in space! The case revolves around three space agents who have been hired by a Senator to grab his daughter from the clutches of a religious sect that is based on the Moon of Jupiter, Ganymede!

After a brilliant career in horror films, it seems that the time has come for the great filmmaker to try his luck on the tv as the horror series is an up-and-coming and highly profitable "WTF Thursday — 1 comment». Let's wish him good luck.


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