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New horror movie with wasps … extra large!

New horror movie with wasps … extra large!

by horrormovies.gr27/06/2015

Weather was getting our eye horror movie with giant insects that seem somewhat … hopeful. Watching the official trailer of Stung the US expectation that we are not dealing with a Threepenny, devoid of seriousness production but with a well-chosen horror film that will be worth it to deal with.

As is obvious from the context, the film shows the deadly action WaSP mutant who have gigantopoiithei from illegal fertilizer and spread terror in a nightly reception. Wasps are called to deal with a young couple from reception staff whilst "arranges" and erotic relationship.

"Stung" is an germanoamerikaniki production intended to find wide circulation in 2015. Already has played at various film festivals reaping positive reviews. Combines elements of horror, comedy and romance. Directed by the rookie in the field and Benni Diez scenario also rookie Adam Aresty.

The participation that is causing the greatest interest is that of Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator). Other members of the cast who star in the film is the Clifton Collins Jr., Jessica Cook, Tony de Maeyer, David Masterson, Matt O'Leary and Cecilia Pillado.

To get a first picture of the Stung tick official trailer that we have about you as well as some revealing photos of scenes from the film. Hope sometime to see the movie and from our parts …

stung 1 stung 2




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