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Available two new videos from Knock Knock

Available two new videos from Knock Knock

by horrormovies.gr04/10/2015

"Knock Knock" is definitely the most anticipated film horror/thriller of the year. Certainly the names of the protagonist (Keanu Reeves) and Director (Eli Roth) is enough to attract the audience.

The Keanu Reeves played the exemplary family man who will experience an unexpected martyrdom when left alone at home on father's day. Two wild women of knocking on the door asking for help from the setbacks that benefited them but quickly convert into a real man's life hell. I managed to get rid of before they become deadly threat to him?

To film has already been released in several countries and where to Yes in print and in the country of the USA (9 October). Also recently released two new videos from the movie streams that you can check below and get a glimpse of the paranoid image of "Knock Knock". Expect to spend from our country sometime …

Read more about "Knock Knock" from our website here.


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