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New video for The Green Inferno of Eli Roth

New video for The Green Inferno of Eli Roth

by horrormovies.gr16/07/2015

Is certainly one of those horror movies that the horror audience waiting with great impatience. The horror film "kanibalistikis" genre of always active Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever), has long been known as "The Green Inferno" warm and other fans of presenting a short but very meaningful video that brings us in contact with terror that you're going to experience the protagonists.

Check out the video below and share their fear in your own skin. We remind that the "The Green Inferno" revolves around a group of students and activists simultaneously who fall into the hands of kanibalwn when their plane crashes in the Amazon jungle. And to imagine that the purpose of the protagonists were to assist in the rescue of that tribe. Ironic eh?

Although the "The Green Inferno" was showcased at numerous film festivals abroad by 2013 has not revealed their cards on its release in a few countries, including Greece. We hope to see it soon and will naturally follow.

poster green inferno

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