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New horror video game asks for the support of the public

New horror video game asks for the support of the public

by horrormovies.gr14/09/2015

Gray Dawn said a new horror game that attempts to create Interactive and Stone company for the implementation of the project has asked the public's help through kickstarter platform. The amount that aspires to bring together the company's roughly $ 56,397.

The game will be a POV and will include elements of horror, mystery and mysticism. The case carries us in Sweden 1910 where a priest accused of the murder of one papadopaidioy who disappeared just before Christmas. The priest struggling to break free from the categories and find relevant evidence as the executioner's blade lurking above his head …

Sounds interesting. Those well so for the Gray Dawn and want to become reality you know where to deposit your money. If you also want to get a first insight into how the company envisions to set up the game tick below a short introductory trailer that has been released and some photos.


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