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Information for the new horror film of The Vicious Brothers

Information for the new horror film of The Vicious Brothers

by horrormovies.gr05/11/2013

The creators of the controversial ' Encounters ' Grave (2011) return with new horror film to be released in 2014. The title will be "The Visitors". Recently notified some information about the plot of the play that moves between horror and science fiction. "The Visitors" will focus on a group of kolegiopaidwn who go to a secluded cottage with a view to organizing a party. However, an unexpected viewing the night sky and then a massive onslaught of menacing alien beings will turn their party into a nightmare.

The Vicious Brothers have edited the screenplay and directing has taken the Colin Minihan who was the Executive producer of ' Encounters ' Grave. The cast will consist inter alia of the Freddie Stroma, Brittany Allen, Melanie Papalia and Jesse Moss. He has also released the film's poster and as you can see.


the visitors
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