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Vatican: confidential folders – Change in Greece's new Premiere

Vatican: confidential folders – Change in Greece's new Premiere

by horrormovies.gr04/09/2015

vatican tapes

Ball has become the date of The Vatican Tapes in cinemas. From 10 September, which had originally announced the metaphysical horror film of Mark Neveldine was transferred first to the 5 November and now returned in September with a change of a few days from the original date.

Namely The Vatican Tapes will be screened in the country Thursday on 17 September 2015. Not in big time by now. So faithful, prepare …


"The film ' The Vatican Tapes" is the ultimate battle of good with evil, of God with Satan. Angela Holmes (Olivia Taylor Dudley) is an ordinary chance, until her presence begins to have a disastrous effect on whoever is near, causing serious accidents and death. When examining the suspect is possessed, but when the Vatican invited to stave off the demon, it turns out that it is an ancient evil force, stronger than anything you can imagine. The clergy falls into the hands of Father Lozano (Michael Penny) to unleash war, not only for the soul of Angela, but for the salvation of humanity. "

Hopefully not another shifting date …


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