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Later on the upcoming horror series Wolf Creek

Later on the upcoming horror series Wolf Creek

by horrormovies.gr20/10/2015

mick taylor

In February that we passed had announced the creation of a mini horror series from Australia which will be transported to the world of television the modern horror cult figure of Mick Taylor from the films Wolf Creek.

The information that we had back then was still very recently but ungenerous published new information about this series, about the cast and the case. As regards the staff of the actors except John Jarratt who will embody the maniacal killer Mick Taylor also will participate the Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy), Deborah Mailman (Offspring), Dustin Clare (Strike Back), Miranda Tapsell (Now Redfern), Richard Cawthorne (Catching Milat), Jake Ryan (Wentworth), and Jessica Tovey (Wonderland).

The creator of both Wolf Creek Greg McLean will return to editing the series as producer, writer and Director but some episodes. But leaked information about the case. The serial killer terrorizes Mick Taylor and nearly annihilate an American tourist family in rural Australia. But Eve dekaenniachroni (Lucy Fry) survived the massacre and after picks up the pieces of planning her revenge against Mick Taylor.

We remind that the series will consist of six episodes of one hour and will be released around mid-2016 through VOD from Australian Stan service. It should be noted that all six episodes will go all together from the outset.


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