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Television projects of Wes Craven continues

Television projects of Wes Craven continues

by horrormovies.gr02/09/2015

Can the grief is still very fresh from the loss of Wes Craven feature, however, the legacy of the master of horror will continue to expand. As we informed you in a previous news, Craven worked on three television productions on behalf of Universal Cable Productions and Syfy channel.

For the carriage of People Under The Stairs that is Craven's film, the transfer of the novel We Are All Completely Fine the author Daryl Gregory and transferring of comic Steve Niles's Disciples.

It is therefore pleasing that all three productions will be completed despite the loss of our beloved filmmaker. This news was posted on the website of the Deadline where the Universal Cable made the following statement on the above projects:

"It is our intention to give life to all projects undertaken by Wes at Universal Cable Productions. Fortunately, these projects have benefited greatly from the work and guidance from the time of their arrest. Will continue their March honoring the spirit of it».

This important and emotive statement on behalf of the company shows how decisively it had contributed so far the great Wes Craven in those projects, something that undoubtedly applies to all the way to the horror scene.

If you want to learn details about the role of Wes in the above-mentioned projects, read our previous news here:


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