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New horror film from the Czech Republic with Cannibal serial killer-

New horror film from the Czech Republic with Cannibal serial killer-

by horrormovies.gr06/03/2015

Ghoul PosterThis film reminds us that man can become the most horrible Monster surpassing in abominable acts every fictional monster of horror cinema.

The "Ghoul" referred to here, is a Czech production inspired by the despicable acts of Andrei Chikatilo, tromeroterwn one of the serial killers of the former Soviet Union. The killer in question acted mainly in the region of Rostov and this is why it is known as the "Butcher of Rostov ' or ' Rostov Ripper ' of having killed over 50 people. Tried for his crimes in 1992 and executed in 1994 leaving behind a lengthy list of katakreoyrgimenwn and compartmentalised corpses …

Returning now to the film, we find that has shot with found footage technique. The events are presented in the form of documentary that turns an American film crew about cannibalism in the 20th century. The investigation leads them to Andrei Chikatilo, here presented as a cannibal serial killer except that it really was. The crew then travels to Ukraine, in a region where many people have mysteriously lost and sometime is confronted with supernatural powers and the restless spirit of Chikatilo frikiastikoy …

The Director is Petr Jákl's along with Petr Bok has written the script. Starring Jennifer Armour, Jeremy Paul, Isabella S. Tracey and Debra Garza. To "Ghoul" was released in his own country the Czech Republic late last month and in the United States will have limited movement in the March. For Greece nothing yet …

Those who find the above interesting so you can get a glimpse of the movie watching the official trailer that was released recently and we present below.

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