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New Horror Film with Lethal virus and Zombies from Kosovo!

New Horror Film with Lethal virus and Zombies from Kosovo!

by horrormovies.gr02/02/2016

virusHorror movies from nearby Kosovo don't we often see (what we told you now!). That is why we believe that this movie deserves to be notified even if the chances are good they seem few. This is the "Virus: Extreme Contamination" by the Italian Director/scriptwriter Delvaux Domiziano Cristopharo that combines horror and science fiction inspired by the classic story of H.P. Lovecraft feature The Colour out of Space (1927).

The film follows an Italian scientist who goes into Kosovo to investigate the side effects of a meteorite that fell in there. Reaching the area discovers that the meteorite has been transferred to a military base where all humans are transformed into dangerous creatures which refer strongly to zombies.

Starring the Halil Budakova, Michael Segal, Rimi Beqiri, Budakova Merita, Vilson Spaqi, Adrian Vila, Hasan Lushi, Adem Kicaj, Avni Lushtaku, Faik Gashi and Paola Barale. The "Virus: Extreme Contamination ' will be released in the country of Kosovo on 3 March 2016. Hard to pass from here however …

Check out also the photographs that we have listed in this news along with the teaser trailer that has been allocated for the film.

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