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Posters and Trailer for the thriller Unknown Caller

Posters and Trailer for the thriller Unknown Caller

by horrormovies.gr27/01/2014

An interest in the phenomena of thrillers from the USA is going to be released within the year we (unknown when they will come to our country) titled "Unknown Caller". The case focuses on a psychopathic man who uses high-tech security system for his family as well as a time bomb with intent to terrorize the family members for 90 minutes to answer the question ' who is he? " (r.r. the psychopath).

Directed by Obin and Amariah Olson. Starring David Chisum, Louis Griffiths, Assaf Cohen, Henri Lubatti and Victor McCay. Recently released trailer and two posters of the film and you can see them below. For anything newer there will be information from our site.

unknown caller 3  &    unknown caller

  official facebook page

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