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Trailer for poster & V/H/S Viral

Trailer for poster & V/H/S Viral

by horrormovies.gr18/05/2014

Not many days passed since notified the release of 3rd V/H/S and already was published the poster (admittedly stunning) but also the first trailer of the upcoming movie through the Deadline.

The "V/H/S Viral" as we called the new film franchise will contain five separate stories shot by six promising filmmakers. These will involve a deranged magician, a homemade machine that opens "entrance" in a parallel world, engaging young skeϊtmporntadwn in a Mexican death ceremony and a malicious organization that searches for a serial killer.

Anxiously expecting what I have to say the 3o part of franchise as the available visual material has put us very early into the socket!

Read more from our website for the "V/H/S Viral" here.

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