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Trailer and poster for Ju-on: Beginning of the End

Trailer and poster for Ju-on: Beginning of the End

by horrormovies.gr13/05/2014

The release of the 7th part of Japanese horror franchise "Ju-on" is approaching. "Ju-on: Beginning of the End" as it will be called the new film (original title: Ju-on: Hajimari no Owari), will be released on June 28th in the country of Japan. The Director and the script is copyright Masayuki Ochiai's remarkable horror movies, like ' Hypnosis ' (1999), Infection (2004) and "Shutter" (2008). The production will be the Takashige Ichinose. At cast we meet the Nozomi Sasaki, Yoshihiko Hakamada, Kai and Misaki Kobayashi Saisho among others.

About the case, the new Ju-on revolves around an elementary school teacher who visits the home of a small boy which has been absent from school for a long time. Upon her arrival the teacher experiences the horrific events that have transpired in the Saeki family home before 10 years. The horrible truth hidden in a cardboard box lying abandoned in a closet of the home …

The poster and the pretty scary trailer of "Ju-on: Beginning of the End" have been previously released as you can see.

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