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Trailer from the comedy horror movie "Housebound"

Trailer from the comedy horror movie "Housebound"

Characterized as a horror comedy. From the XLrator Media comes the "Housebound", which premiered on October 17, 2014 in America. The "Housebound" be an output from New Zealand and judging by the trailer of maybe going for a little brilliance. But we will see.

The Director and the script is of Gerard Johnstone and starring Morgana Rima Te Wiata, O'Reilly and Glen-Paul Waru.

The premise of the film is as follows: the Kylie Bucknell is forced from the Court due to misconduct, to return to her family for serving the sentence of house arrest. But the worst part of the punishment is that it must be lived with her mother, a verbose woman, who believes that the House is haunted. The Kylie, of course, is not convinced by her mother until she begins to notice strange things happening at home. So begins to wonder if she has inherited her mother's imagination or if the House is haunted.

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