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Released the trailer of Cooties with Elijah Wood

Released the trailer of Cooties with Elijah Wood

by horrormovies.gr24/05/2015

Time has passed since I had written for the new horror film starring Elijah Wood (Lord of the rings) which screened at the Sundance Film Festival early last year exciting attendees.

The Cooties is a mixture of comedy, horror, Sci-Fi and action that uses the prevalent theme of viruses that are transforming humans into zombies to shock. The difference here is that "zombies" are small children and specifically the students of a primary school that chasing their teachers and those still approaching the school. So if I hate teachers or teachers in your school years, then this movie is for you! Hehe!

Well, recently published the first official trailer of the movie who is xekardistikotato. Enjoy the following and take your conclusions. Although the Cooties released in few countries in 2014 is not still known more dates for 2015. In their country, the U.S. will release September 2015.

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