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TISIS – A Dark Fantasy story in Greek Colour

TISIS – A Dark Fantasy story in Greek Colour

by horrormovies.gr19/06/2015

Can we endure difficult times economically, but the Greek Cinema says not to put it down. Getting some interesting effort we encounter from people of our country who enlist the appetite for work, love for what they do and their passion to create promising films.

So recently we learned about an independent Greek production moves into dark-fantasy paths and possibly relates to several of us. The remarkable effort called "TISIS» and this autumn is expected to be screened in Greek movies, maybe in some festivals.

Let's see how "described" by TISIS coefficients of:

"The film is a film TISIS fiction. At one time called PAX MODUS lived Immortals and mortals peacefully. Immortal King believed that the immortals are not worth to coexist with "inferior" beings and thus threw one curse that xekopse completely ties … "Any immortal who will taste the Sin with a mortal, will fall from our Kingdom will wait only death and his offspring would exterminate the race of mortals, as they only fed with blood and flesh. The new learned quickly. Each fairy and Sprite who lived in forests well hidden in the shadows of … The years passed and the stories of people for encounters with Fairies put out … However, fate had decided to rekindle in the harshest way! "

The Director and the screenplay by Georgios Evangelopoulos (2013 award in category "Directing for Greece" on NIGHTS with PREMIERAS "not Bogeyman"). Assistant Director is Venus Tayri (awarded the 2014 at the International Festival Ntokimanter Aegeandocs 2014 with the "First Step").
Starring George Voulgaris, Chryssa Daoulis and Kostis Savvidakis. Chryssa also participate, Markata Achilleas Treylos, Marios Channas, Georgia Rentifi, Giannis Moraitis, Dimitra Papachioy Georgios Evangelopoulos, Konstantinos Sofianatos, Konstantinos Tassoulas, Panagiotis Koskinas, Evangelia Tassoula, Angeliki Blachogewrgoy, Iro Petsa, Vassilis Samaritakis, Gjergji Koloi, Petros Trantafyllopoylos, Nelly Nicolaides.

Shooting-ended long ago-took place in the beautiful mountains of Livadia, Boeotia but also in some areas of Attica. Ideal locations for film ' dark fantasy ' is the truth …

tisis 1 tisis 2 tisis 3 tisis 4

If you want to get a first picture of the "TISIS" then you can see the official trailer that has already been released. For more information visit the website: UR

We wish you every success and good luck to all the team who helped to create the "TISIS».

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