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The Ninth Passenger – New Thriller from Canada

The Ninth Passenger – New Thriller from Canada

by horrormovies.gr02/08/2016

By rookie Director Ian Pfaff comes this intriguing thriller by Canada, a country that often offers us a particularly notable horror films and thrillers. The title of the film is ' The Passenger ' Ninth and shooting are currently underway so that the film managed to see the traffic light into the 2016.

The case has to do with a company kolegiopaidwn that the yacht ends up on a desert island during the night. There young people stalked by a mysterious figure – the ninth passenger (hence the title) that turns their journey real nightmare.

Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Alexia Fast, Tom Maden, Veronica Dunne, Sabina Gadecki, Corey Large, David Hennessey, Cinta Kiehl and Timothy Murphy V. Logically in the coming months we will have some video from the movie.


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