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New thriller stamp of the Joe Dante

New thriller stamp of the Joe Dante

by horrormovies.gr26/05/2014

The creator of Gremlins and The Howling, Joe Dante put his signature in another thriller that is expected to be released around the end of 2014. Specifically, Dante will be executive producer of the psychological thriller "Dark" by rookie Nick Basile (screenplay & direction). In production we are also Kathryn Belli, Dave Boulton, Nick Basile and Elias. The shooting is about to start in June in New York.

In "Dark" events will take place during the blackout that hit New York in 2003, along with all of the northeastern UNITED STATES. The main character is Kate, a 30-year-old woman who works as a model and recently moved to the apartment of a friend in Brooklyn. When her friend leaves for weekend and Kate stays alone in the apartment, and the blackout. The Kate begins to lose her temper and believes that someone is stalking him in the building, from which there seems no easy escape …

In "Dark" starring Michael Eklund, Whitney Able, Alexandra Breckenridge and Brendan Sexton III. It is noteworthy that the film managed to raise money for its creation largely out of the public through Kickstarter platform.

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