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The Quiet Ones: yet another horror film from Hammer Films

The Quiet Ones: yet another horror film from Hammer Films

by horrormovies.gr01/03/2014

The very dear friends of gothic horror Hammer Films continues comeback of frantic with another horror film from the studio. The new film will be called "The Quiet Ones" and is expected to be released in April this year, directed by John Pogue (Quarantine 2: Terminal). He has curated and scenario together with Oren Moverman (The Messenger), Craig Rosenberg (The Uninvited) and Tom de Ville (Urban Gothic). Starring Sam Claflin, Jared Harris, Olivia Cooke, Erin Richards, Rory Fleck-Byrne and Laurie Calvert.

"The Quiet Ones" is a metaphysical thriller and monitor the experiment an unorthodox teacher and students who are trying to summon a supernatural power-phantom (poltergeist). The Professor is convinced that the poltergeist phenomenon produced by the event human negative energy and opts for a sick Guinea pig girl which for the purposes of the experiment will be pushed to the verge of madness. The result of the controversial experiment is the invocation of a terrifying force far stronger than the research team hoped to encounter.

It is also available the official trailer and poster of the film and some photos. Everything looks pretty scary so far. Expecting with interest this new effort by the Hammer, which together with the upcoming sequel of "The Woman In Black" are the big bet for the British company. Will continue in the new quality Street where marches after resumption? All this we hope of course …

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