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The Ted Raimi is planning his first complete film

The Ted Raimi is planning his first complete film

by horrormovies.gr08/10/2013

Actor Ted Raimi than seems footsteps of big brother's Sam Raimi, known for cult horror Evil Dead trilogy. According to a recent interview at the Minneapolis Crypticon Ted Raimi revealed that the movie will move to the rota of metaphysical horror and in Los Angeles. A city that the American actor considers extremely frightening, what you need i.e. for filming of a horror movie. The Raimi will take the script and direction while shooting will start at the beginning of 2014.

Although Raimi did not reveal the title of the film, confessed, however, that he will participate within this with a cameo appearance, adding that probably will participate and his brother, Sam. If this project is completed it will be the first comprehensive American film. We remind that Ted Raimi until now is more active as an actor having played among others on the Spiderman trilogy directed by his brother, in the horror film "Drag Me To Hell 2009" (also directed by Sam Raimi) and has appeared in well-known television series such as seaQuest DSV ' "and" Xena: Warrior Princess ".


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