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Teaser Trailer for Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves

Teaser Trailer for Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves

by horrormovies.gr28/01/2015

From the creator of Cabin Fever and Hostel Eli Roth comes this new horror film expected to be released in the autumn of this year starring Keanu Reeves star. "Knock Knock" as it is called the new movie was screened at the Sundance Film Festival a few days ago u.s. reaping positive reviews.

The case focuses on a married middle-aged man whose life transform into hell two ruthless femme fatales "" women when visiting him at home one weekend that his wife is missing. Exactly how they do it, we'll see when the movie is released.

Along with Keanu Reeves will feature the Izzo Lorenza, Ana de Armas, Ignacia Allamand, Aaron Burns and Colleen Camps. The Eli Roth has curated and scenario along with Guillermo López and Nicolás Amoedo. To get a first glimpse of the contents of "Knock Knock" you just have to watch the first teaser released these days. Behold …



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