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Horror Movies That Will Be Released In October

Horror Movies That Will Be Released In October

Entered and the October and for that releases per month is enough. We all well. Independent productions, adaptations, sequels. Expected to see if they deserve our attention and our score.
Let's see what will be released. These dates apply to America.

  1. Death of ABC's II – October 2
    26 young filmmakers presenting 26 new deaths more anatrichiastikoys and more bloody than the previous film. imdb
  2. Annabelle – 3 October
    A couple is confronted with supernatural events related to an old doll, when moving to the new home. imdb
  3. Witching and bitching – 14 October
    A gang of jewel thieves trapped by a group of witches. imdb
  4. Werewolf rising – 14 October
    Emma in her back after many years apoysias understands that has to face much bigger problems of its own. In the area there is a murderous werewolf who destroys everything and a dark world that was unaware of his existence. Now Emma must fight not only for life but also for the soul. imdb
  5. The town that dreaded sundown – 16 October
    65 years after the dread dread a masked serial killer in Texarkana, the "moonlight murders" occur again. Is someone who copies the murders or something more sinister? imdb
  6. Dracula untold – 17 October
    Trying to cope with the dangers that threaten his family but his Kingdom, Vlad Tepes, trying to come to terms with dark forces – but without succumbing to his darker side. imdb
  7. See no evil II – 17 October
    A group of friends wanting to make fun at their friend who has a birthday they go to the City Cemetery. But there awaits the one-eyed corpse of psychopathic Jacob Goodnight. And everything changes …  imdb
  8. The scribbler – 21 October
    A young woman tries to deal with the problem of multiple personality disorder who tortures using a new experimental procedure. imdb
  9. Wrong turn 6: Last resort – 21 October
    After an unexpected inheritance, Danny and his friends are at Hobbs Springs. There an odd couple, the caretakers at the Springs of Hobbs, reveal a family he didn't know how it was. The Danny now is asked to choose: family or friends; imdb
  10. Life after Beth – 21 October
    Zach's girlfriend, who has died recently, returns mysteriously from the dead. But not anymore as the remembered the Zach. imdb
  11. V/H/S viral – 23 October
    Watch teens who craved publicity to become protagonists in an incredible sight on the Internet. imdb
  12. Exists – 24 October
    A group of friends who go in isolated forests of Texas for a party, hounded by the Bigfoot. imdb
  13. Ouija – 24 October
    A group of friends will have to confront their worst fears when they awaken the dark forces of an ancient pneymatistikoy game. imdb
  14. Horns – 31 October
    After the mysterious death of his girlfriend, a young man wakes up realizing that in his head have sprouted horns. imdb
  15. [REC] 4 Apocalypse – 31 October
    The journalist Angela survives from a building and driven into a tanker to examine. But the soldiers didn't know that inside there's a mysterious virus and fiendish. imdb

From the summaries, some of the movies is promising, others are a bit more of the same. This of course is to everyone's taste. I would wish, any movie and see, to have a good time.

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