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Horror movies that will be released in November

Horror movies that will be released in November

Good month everyone! Certainly there are many movies and for this month, with November to rivals in number the pre-eminent month horror films, October. Expected to see whether us impress or disappoint. Let's start off:

  1. Story of Eva – 1 November 2014
    A mother tries to get revenge for the death of her daughter. With the police to the approaching, Eve turns to God for revenge. imdb
  2. Hangar 10 – 7 November
    Three friends find rare material from aliens. But as they continue their search they are faced with a terrifying alien presence. imdb
  3. Jessabelle – 7 November
    The Jessabelle, after a serious accident, returns to her family. But there is a spirit which waited for her return and does not intend to leave it to reboot. imdb
  4. Clown – 13 November (Italy release)
    A father finds a clown costume for the birthday of his son. Unfortunately, you will soon realize that whoever wears the suit turns into a killer. imdb
  5. Wolves – 14 November
    The Cayden Richards after the death of parents is forced to leave his home, and is located in a secluded town trying to discover his past. imdb
  6. Starry Eyes – 14 November (Video in demand)
    A young starlet discovers the grim beginning of Hollywood's elite and make a deadly agreement with Exchange to gain fame and glory. imdb
  7. Treehouse – 16 November (St. Louis International Film Festival)
    A teenager discovers the perpetrators of kidnappings in the city.  imdb
  8. Gilgamesh – 20 November
    Humanity is in danger as a Soymeria deity has caused the fall of a meteorite on Earth. imdb
  9. Zone of Silence – 20 November
    There is no evidence. imdb
  10. Extraterrestrial – 21 November (limited)
    A group of friends harassed by aliens during their excursion. imdb
  11. The Babadook – 28 November (internet and limited)
    A mother tries to appease her son's fears that a monster is at home. But soon discovers how close is a threatening entity. imdb
  12. Haunted Illusions – 29 November
    There is no evidence. imdb
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