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Horror movies that will be released in January

Horror movies that will be released in January

Happy new year to all, with health, more happy moments, optimism and of course more and better horror movies. In December did not mentioned any release since there was already. January comes reluctantly, giving us only 2 films. Let's see them well.

  1. The Woman In Black 2: Angel of death (2 January in America and 29 January in Greece.
    40 years after the first incident at Eel Marsh House, a group of children fleeing from London because of WWII and are installed at home causing the dark presence that there lives to wake up. imdb
  2. Preservation (Internet on 9 January)
    The Wit, her husband Mike and his brother Sean, they decide to go for hunting in a secluded forest. Arriving in noticing how forest refuge is closed but they continue their journey. The already tense atmosphere deteriorate more if next morning waking, they find that their equipment is stolen and that in front of each one is painted a big black x. As they try to escape from danger, are beginning to turn against each other. imdb

These are the films of January. The first waiting anxiously as the first part of it was very good. The second sounds like more of the same but can be a little surprise. To note that in America released on 2 January and the movie 4: A[REC]pocalypse in which we reported in October in the related article.

Good viewing!

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