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New horror film in the making with … tearing dog

New horror film in the making with … tearing dog

by horrormovies.gr14/05/2014

Are you a horror film fan with wild dogs? Wished movies like the cult "Cujo" 1983 (from Stephen King's novel) where that tearing dog breed St. Bernard sowed terror and death? If Yes, then you will be pleased to learn that it is preparing a new horror film with lethal dog at role of evil. The film will be called "The Pool" and already bloodied logo you see gives a first glimpse for the style you might vibe.

"The Pool" transports us to a party held at the luxurious family house which is situated on top of a cliff. The Party – held in a pool of luxury residence – is going to turn into a dramatic struggle for survival when the family dog rabies crashes.

According to the Salt company that has taken over the production of the film, the special effects designer/make-up Paul Hyett who has worked on films like ' The Descent ' and ' The Woman In Black ", will be located in the Director's Chair. In writing the script, we find the Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera, Conal Palmer, Steven Lally and the same Director Paul Hyett.

"The Pool" is still in pre-production, so we have some time ahead of us until its release.


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