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New horror film from the screenwriters of the Blood River

New horror film from the screenwriters of the Blood River

by horrormovies.gr11/06/2014

According to information by the Deadline, the screenwriters of the psychological thriller "Blood River" (2009) Simon Boyes and Adam Mason were recruited by the company Relativity Media to write the script of a new horror movie that will be entitled "Followers" Fear.

According to the same source that the movie focuses on four frat boys who operate a blog for lovers of terror called Followers Fear. Via blog tromaktikotera-seeking ' haunted ' houses in the USA. In an on-site investigation of the four young people trapped in the haunted house and must fight to survive, while the visitors of the blog watching live the terrifying adventure.

We remind that the Boyes and Mason of collaboration began in 2006 with the horror film "Broken" and then followed The Chair "Devil's" (2007), "Blood River" (2009), Luster (2010) and Junkie (2012).


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