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Plans for new "night of the living dead" by his son George Romero

Plans for new "night of the living dead" by his son George Romero

by horrormovies.gr18/10/2014

This news will probably divide the friends of zombies and George Romero.

According to exclusive information from Variety magazine, the son of George Romero, G. Cameron Romero and his goal is to create a new movie, something like a prequel, titled the origin of zombies monumental film of his father "Night of the Living Dead" (1968). Indeed seeks to gather some money to strengthen the project through Indiegogo platform where the public can lodge sums for the success of the project.

The new film will therefore focuses on the explanation of the origin of zombies of "Night of the Living Dead" hence the alleged title "Origins" which refers to the project's website. Little information about the nature of this origin reveal that we are dealing with governmental scientific experiments around the discovery of a yperoploy – a psiloanamenomeni idea as display explanation of zombies.

We are therefore waiting until I heard something newer to this controversial effort of Romero's son …

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