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The Suspiria gets tv series!

The Suspiria gets tv series!

by horrormovies.gr10/04/2015

Another very interesting news popped these days in horror Piazza. The French company Atlantique Productions and the Italian Cattleya will join forces to create a new television series mystery and horror that I would step on the heritage of the classic horror film Suspiria Dario Argento's but in the book that inspired the Italian Director of Suspiria de Profundis Thomas De Quincey.

Also, according to the online version of Screen International, Argento is going to work on the new venture from the post of artistic Adviser, a move understood considering the sophisticated artistic image of the original Suspiria.

On the premise of the series, we know that the author of the Suspiria de Profundis, Thomas De Quincey will be the protagonist, and there will be terrifying mystery cases seeking solutions. The events will take place in London and Rome around 1900.

The series might consist of 12 episodes lasting 50 minutes each. Finally, although the number will be the product of Italian cooperation, the spoken language will be English. These are known at present. If you learn something newer will return.


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