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Starry Eyes: new horror movie-themed … the Hollywood

Starry Eyes: new horror movie-themed … the Hollywood

by horrormovies.gr04/11/2014

A new horror movie with original case is expected to be released in mid November. Called "Starry Eyes" and focused on a new and aspiring actress who discovers the dark origins of the elite of Hollywood and concludes with her deadly agreements to advance her career.

Striking is the film's posters that have been released and you can see from our website. Also the two available trailers leave many promises like comments he has gained in the various international film festivals where it has been screened so far. Bizarre and surreal image of "Starry Eyes" described nicely with a comment by Time magazine, which described the film as a combination of the style of David Cronenberg and David Lynch with plenty of blood and psychological terror.

Starring Alex Essoe, Amanda Fuller, Noah Segan, Fabianne Therese and Shane Coffey. In directing and script we find newcomers in the field of horror Kevin Dennis Widmyer and Kolsch.

"Starry Eyes" is a production of Parallactic Snowfort Pictures and Pictures in cooperation with the Dark Sky Films. Will be released in the U.S. on VOD (Video On Demand) and i-tunes on November 14, 2014. It is not known yet if there will be a version in our country.

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