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Spring: Spring tremor but … and romance

Spring: Spring tremor but … and romance

by horrormovies.gr09/03/2015

springAn American on the brink of mental collapse, leaving the USA and goes to Italy where he develops love affair with a freakish woman who hides a dark secret …

Vague but interesting seems the case this strange horror film expected to be released in the country of the USA on the 20th of the month. Synonymous with the era of traffic, the Spring for which the reason, combining elements of horror, romance and science fiction. The peculiar mixture shown that has been welcomed by attendees at several major film festivals that aired last year and this year.

Responsible for the creation of "Spring" is new on the scene of horror Justin Aaron Benson and Moorhead, known for their work in the horror film "Resolution" (1968) and "V/H/S" Viral (2014). The leading duo composed by Lou Taylor Pucci and Nadia Hilker.

If you want to get a picture from the film tick below the official trailer and tell us your opinion.


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