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Thoughts on remake of Shocker by Peter Berg

Thoughts on remake of Shocker by Peter Berg

by horrormovies.gr28/05/2014

Peter Berg can enjoy the commercial success of his last film "Lone Survivor" (2013) but hasn't forgotten the horror and recently brought to the surface. In an interview on the website "Arrow In The Head" Berg said he would be interested in a remake of the cult horror movie "Shocker" (1989) by Wes Craven feature, in which he had the title role.

Asked if he would like to direct replied that he preferred the former collaborator Wes Craven to take that spot while he would prefer to participate again in the lead cast! One of the reasons I wanted the remake is the inadequacy of the old special effects movie (apparently he's right).

The Universal owns the rights to the old Shocker, and bearing in mind that the last film of Berg "Lone Survivor" who also belongs to the Universal, fared well at the box office, perhaps for a remake of the Shocker to be favorable. Since the older horror movie remakes is common practice today, a remake of Shocker may not seem so unlikely event.

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