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Short Fuse: no need To Pull the trigger to Become Killer

Short Fuse: no need To Pull the trigger to Become Killer

It is true that the Greek public has focused on action/thriller category for some time. The filmmakers have interpreted the signs so the first feature film effort in the field of horror and action is fact! With the support of the Argo Festival Film, o Andreas Lambropoulos and Costas Skiftas hope to make robust new entrance with this horror film. Starring Apostolos Totsikas and Konstantinos Markoulakis, Tasos Noussias and Thodoris Atheridis, Nikos Orphanos and Evgenia Dimitropoulou. As for the storyline, there are clear signs of influence from SAW (at least from what shows the teaser trailer of the film).

In case, we follow the Mars (Apostle Totsikas) trying to survive in the shadow of a successful father. Being himself a lawyer and not wanting to be upstaged by his father, survives as a courier. What of the profession will stand the pretext to launch Mars a race in order to escape from an explosive mechanism that has positioned unbeknownst to him. To accomplish this, you must follow the instructions of a mysterious man. In this race that is unfolding before our eyes take part cops, criminals, and of course the time is dramatically reduced.

The project is expected in cinemas within the first months of 2015 and wish you honestly deserve as first action thriller sample production in Greece!


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