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The Serial Killer of Wolf Creek returns in new tv series

The Serial Killer of Wolf Creek returns in new tv series

by horrormovies.gr19/02/2015

And while fans of the film Wolf Creek aystralezikwn was anxious for someone new about a third part of their beloved franchise, recently popped the information that the grisly serial killer Mick Taylor would return to his deadly role, rather than on tape this time but in a mini tv series 6 episodes!

The first information saying that the creator of Wolf Creek Creg McLean and will host the series being inter alia in collaboration with producer Screentime. The series will start from where you finished the second Wolf Creek and of course the exintadyachronos John Jarratt will remain in the role of a crazed murderer Mick Taylor as we loved!

Scenario or the main body is expected to be completed by Easter and shooting is estimated to start at the end of the year. About the series Greg McLean said:

"The Wolf Creek and the character of Mick Taylor have become familiar names and the opportunity to present a rich and complex story about the environment within a high quality drama series are heartwarming and creative". Greg McLean

If all goes well, the series will be screened initially by a new Video On Demand service of Australia, known as "Stan".

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