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Comes the sequel of Mexican horror film KM 31

Comes the sequel of Mexican horror film KM 31

by horrormovies.gr04/07/2015

I imagine that most of you will have seen the Mexican horror film "Kilometer 31 or KM 31" (2006) as it is known in our country. This film by Rigoberto Castañeda although not brought someone air terror scene in originality, however, was highly successful in his country winning alongside a few favorites and at international level.

Long ago the film's production company Lemon Films had started the procedures for the creation of a sequel which has written and directed the Rigoberto Castañeda. The new film will be called "Km 31: Sin Retorno" and it will return the protagonist of the first film Iliana Fox as the dark mother La Llorona of Mexican folklore.

The sequel will also restore the detective of the original 31 KM which will continue the search for the mysterious disappearances of children in that scary Freeway of the Mexican province.

The Km 31: Sin Retorno will be released in the country of the Mexico on 16 October 2015 and if all goes well we will see and from Greece a few months after. Until then you can get a taste of the upcoming sequel seeing the official teaser trailer that was published recently and we present.

sin retorno


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