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Posters, trailer and release date for the Scream Park

Posters, trailer and release date for the Scream Park

by horrormovies.gr13/03/2014

"Scream Park" will be called the directorial and script debut rookie Hill Cary on film and in particular on the scene of horror. The case revolves around a failed amusement park owner who in order to win money organizes a diabolical plan which includes the perpetration of violent killings, a real amusement park. The film is said to reminiscent of classic slasher of the past such as "Black Christmas" (1974) and "Halloween" (1978).

The cast is interesting since in this encounter the horror audience loved Doug Bradley, known to us all from the Hellraiser Pinhead! Other participants are Nicole Beattie, Carry Lee Martz, Steve Rudzinski, Dean Jacobs and Kailey Marrie Harris.

"Scream Park" has played so far in many American film festivals and won positive reviews. On April 22, is to be released internationally on DVD and VOD by WildEye Realising. Currently individuals can enjoy the official trailer and a variety of well-designed posters to promote the film.

scream park poster 1 scream park poster 2
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