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New movie horror/sci-fi with Lance Henriksen

New movie horror/sci-fi with Lance Henriksen

by horrormovies.gr07/07/2015

beingThe very active lately Lance Henriksen (Aliens, the terminator) will have the opportunity to enjoy once again fans of horror and science fiction. One of the upcoming horror movies where will star the great American actor is the "Being" of rookie Douglas C. Williams (script/directing).

This is a movie horror/sci-fi directional with elements of drama to be released in 2015 at an undisclosed date yet. The case has to do with a shocking discovery that turns people against each other by killing moods.

More specifically, watching the events unfold on a mountain farm American province. The farm is found by locals a mysterious non-human entity. From this point the beliefs of people shaken and oppose each other. Now just how weak is something that will reveal the film.

Except for Lance Henriksen also starring Robert John Burke, Robert Sciglimpaglia, Craig Castaldo, Brian Murphy, Kevin Kean Foyster and Jason Iannacone. Finally, it is worth noting that the Being is one of several horror films that managed to be completed by the public's support through Kickstarter platform.


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