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Scar Tissue: new thriller from Great Britain

Scar Tissue: new thriller from Great Britain

by horrormovies.gr21/06/2014

A new thriller from Great Britain under the title "Scar Tissue" is expected to be released at the end of next month, unfortunately only in the country in the first phase.
The case involves a detective whose sister was the latest victim of a serial killer named Edward Jansen. The killer was shot dead by the police during the latest appalling crime but for some strange reason decided to return after 20 years and strikes another man. The man he will join forces with Detective to stop the maniac.
The Director and the screenplay is by Scott Michell while the cast is composed of the Danny Horn, Charity Wakefield, Shaun Dingwall, Tom George, Helen Rosenthal and Kenneth Colley (the legend of Star Wars).


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