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New horror movie with two favorite horror actors

New horror movie with two favorite horror actors

by horrormovies.gr17/03/2016

A new horror movie gearing up currently in Winnipeg, Canada in which we will enjoy two very favorite forms of horror cinema. Why Robert Englund known to us all, Freddy Krueger-and Lin Shaye that horror audiences experienced through the movies "Insidious".

The title of the film would be "The Midnight Man" and is based on an old Pagan ceremony known as "The Game" Midnight while it is said that it is somehow remake of omotitlis low-budget movie 2013 that was filmed in Ireland by Rob Kennedy.

The film revolves around a girl that her friends are playing a risky game in which they call a frightening figure known as The Midnight Man. This form exploits the fears of children to hurt …

The Director has taken the Travis Zariwny (Cabin Fever remake, The Intruder). Another element that we know is that the protagonist will embody the new actress Gabrielle Haugh. Expect later in the near future.

Finally, bear in mind that we had experienced before the duo Englund/Shaye in the horror comedy "2001 Maniacs" of 2005.


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