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The Rose Byrne in upcoming comedy horror/sci-fi

The Rose Byrne in upcoming comedy horror/sci-fi

by horrormovies.gr06/06/2014

The protagonist of two ' Insidious ' Rose Byrne, is going to join the cast of a future film horror/Sci-Fi and comedy but at the same time called The ' Something '. This film – for which information is still minimal – will skinothetithei from the screenwriter of the recent ' Grudge Match ' (2013) Rodney Rothman.

The "Something" will concentrate on four astronauts who are trapped in space for 5 years and have developed a dislike for each other. At some point encountered a spaceship whose crew consists solely of women and having boarded in this condition escapes as expected (5 years without a woman is apparently a lot)! Into this mess somewhere tangle and aliens but it is not yet clear how.

Expect newer well …


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