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Let the mundane legendary "Tall Man"

Let the mundane legendary "Tall Man"

by horrormovies.gr12/01/2016

Another unpleasant news released these days in horror cinema. The Saturday that we passed on 9 January 2016, the American actor (and writer) Angus Scrimm that remained in the history of horror cinema for his role in The horrific Man Tall horror franchise Phantasm (since 1979), passed away at the age of 89 years.

The Angus Scrimm except the Phantasm films and participated in other major productions with horror the Bloody Scream Murder (1973), Subspecies (1990), Wishmaster (1997), Masters of Horror (2005) and at the End John Dies (2012).

But arguably the most important role that made him popular in the horror audience was that of the supernatural undertaker The Tall Man through the Don Coscarelli's Phantasm films. The last movie where you see the Angus Scrimm is the fifth film Phantasm franchise, which is known for long as "Phantasm V: Ravager" and is expected to go on sale somewhere mid-2016.

RIP Chief Angus … "Scream!" our Boooy will haunt forever. ..


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