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He passed away the legendary Leatherface

He passed away the legendary Leatherface

by horrormovies.gr09/11/2015

The horror film's family mourns the loss of a beloved member of the still. The Gunnar Hansen, Icelandic actor who portrayed the legendary "Schizo killer with the saw"-known as Leatherface-the classic Tobe Hooper horror film "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" (1974), died at the age of 68 years from pancreatic cancer on Saturday, November 7 at his home in Maine.

The Hansen had starred in many horror films, mostly low-budget Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers like (1988), Campfire Tales (1991), Mosquito (1995), Freakshow (1995) and Swarm of the Snakehead (2006). He had also dabbled with writing books including singled out the "Chain Saw Confidential: How We Made World's the Most Notorious Horror Movie ' 2013 where grapples with the creation, circulation and reception of" The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ".

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