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He left near the notorious us "Dr Giggles."

He left near the notorious us "Dr Giggles."

by horrormovies.gr18/03/2016

Another beloved actress who appeared sporadically and in horror cinema passed away yesterday afternoon. The great Larry Drake whom cult horror fans will remember most about the film ' Dr. ' Giggles (1992), or "the devil doctor" as he circulated in Greek VHS version, found dead at the age of 66 years old on Thursday, March 17, at his apartment in Hollywood from a friend.

The causes of death remain unclear so far although it was known how the actor was facing several health problems lately. The Drake had won two Emmy Awards for his participation in the drama series ' L.A. Law ' (1987-1994) and had a long career as an actress began in 1971.

Beyond the memorable horror figure of doctor-serial slasher killer in ' Dr. ' Giggles of 1992 the Drake had notable appearances in both Action Thriller "Darkman" (1990, 1995), in some episodes of the famous horror series "Tales from the Crypt" and the latest sci-fi/horror "Dead Air" (2009). It had also participated in the hilarious comedy "Bean: the ultimate disaster movie" of 1997.

Bon voyage Larry …



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