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The Rick Baker reveals plans for the Cursed lykanthrwpwn

The Rick Baker reveals plans for the Cursed lykanthrwpwn

by horrormovies.gr08/09/2014

Remember that moderate horror film with werewolves who had directed the Wes Craven in 2005 entitled "Cursed" (r.r. Greek title: The Cursed)? Sometime film production had stopped and due to various problems and disputes the expert on makeup and special effects, Rick Baker who has won awards for her wonderful work on the classic "An American Werewolf In London" (1981) and then participated in the project, withdrew and his work stayed outside.

The special effects took anew the KNB EFX and the rest were made with the help of CGI. But recently a part of Baker's project saw the light of day. Baker himself presented in his twitter account in some images of the original work for styles that would have the Werewolves in "Cursed" stating inter alia the following:

"The film in which I worked had stopped shooting. My works were modified or left unused '.

Who knows? Maybe if the great designer had stayed in production and had completed his work, more sympathoysame the "Cursed". See the wonderful works and tell us your opinion.

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